Is Corona Virus an excuse for racism?

I recently just relocated from a not so big country in Africa to a not so big country, island in fact, in Asia. My travels were fortunately in mid January before news networks world wide were reporting on the Corona Virus. I’ve been here for about three weeks and while I have had some unpleasant experiences with some locals a major bunch of them a sincerely polite beings.

No this is not a travel guide or essay of my experiences and altercations with the local people here but more of an eye opener, this outbreak has caused a world wide “Anti Asian” movement, for lack of better words. Yes maybe they push their delicacies far beyond average imagination but this sudden hatred and blame is not what we need.

Just the other day I was scrolling through my Instagram and saw a girl I follow post a story that just all out Insulted and attacked Chinese people, yet she had the nerve to label herself as “not racist”, I watched and really struggled move past it without voicing my disappointment and disbelief in her posts but then I asked myself if it was only her or she was the only one who openly said it and on social media, A day or two later I happened to come across a story of a Chinese man who had passed in Australia (if I’m not mistaken) due to people not wanting to perform CPR due do his race. This really worried me, are we really going to abandon each other in times of hardship due to things like race? Yes the Chinese are mostly likely to have it but a brother in a crowd could very well be healthier than the Chinese guy everyone is avoiding.

Yes, this is a very controversial topic but yet again it never hurts to be heard. I think times like these are when humans should support each other and stand together rather than show divisions and hatred towards one another.

Keep Your Head High

Here’s to all those battling silent struggles, to those battling financial difficulties, family problems or anything else. Better days are yet to come, your current situation does not define who you are today and definitely not who you will be in the future.

Everyone has a story to tell and your story does not have to be similar to anyone else’s story so don’t be discouraged by the setbacks you face on your way to the top, they are all sketches, so to say, of your final masterpiece.

Keep your head high and go for your goals. Here’s to a great new year!!

My First Blog

Uhm where do I even begin? Do you ever just go through simultaneous roadblocks in life and everything just seems to be going wrong? Cause that’s been me a lot lately, with a lot of personal family problems everything just seemed to have been falling off but that’s a part of life, isn’t it? Difficult times always seem to bring back memories of better days and easier times and that is probably what brings a lot of people down during their bumpy times. We always seem to have a route we had expected our lives to follow and never really leave any room for detours and obstacles along that route but I think it’s time to be open and accept the many detours we have to take before we can finally get to our final destination.

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